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    Travel Gilgit nuviante Baltistan is consisted of a dedicated team who are working for the http://de.medadvice.net/hondrocream improvement of tourism industry in Pakistan especially in Gilgit Baltistan region. http://fr.medadvice.net/yooslim

    The team has hard-working and committed young blood sugar premier members, and we are always eager for your feedback and suggestions.

    Syed Jalal Kazmi is basically from Gilgit Baltistan. He is the co-founder and finance head of TGB. Kazmi is currently working in a leading auditing firm in Islamabad. His interest is activism and travelling.

    An emerging star of Chourbat valley Baltistan, Muhammad Irfan is a social worker, writer and political analyst. He is pursuing his MS degree in Media Studies and Communication Science at Technische Universität, Germany. He is the media and marketing head of TGB.

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